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Moon Smart Focus

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Moon Smart Focus

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The Moon smart focus unit is a distance-measuring tool that gives us a look into the future.

Built-in stereoscopic cameras use A.I. to interpret what the Moon is looking at and allow you to decide what focus info to extract.
Tracking a person? No problem! The moon scans for silhouettes and intelligently calculates where on the body the eyes are and at what distance.
Tracking an object? No problem! The unit can track the distance of any pixel in the frame!

For low-light situations, where the stereoscopic cameras aren't getting enough light, the unit also contains an IR projector to give accurate focus data up to 5 meters away from the unit.

The moon smart focus system can give you a Cine-grade auto-focusing system as well as a reliable assistant tool to help you nail focus every take.

Operating Distance Stereoscopic Cameras: 0,35m - 10m (Single pixel tracking to 16m)
Operating Distance IR Projector: 0,35m - 5m

Ps: Working with the Moon Smart Focus system is the same workflow for analog and digital!

Supported focus systems:
ARRI Hi-5, ARRI WCU-4, cMotion cPro, Teradek RT, Héden YMER-3,
Preston MDR3, MDR4, HU3 and HU4

The Moon Smart Focus is in development. The features above are guaranteed, although there are plans to expand its features in the future. Don't be afraid to ask about features not specified, or check out "Moonlighting Industries" website or social channels for the newest information.

Demos are available upon request.