Equipment rental conditions 

The lease begins at 08:30 AM or as agreed upon. The hired equipment has to be returned within the following day at 08:30 AM (depending on the leasing period). If the leasing period ends on a Saturday or a Sunday, the delivery must be as agreed upon.

Media storage kept longer than the agreed leasing period, will be billed based on the final amount of days kept until return. Discounts on media storage are only applicable when obtained by quote, otherwise additional days are full price.

If you want to pick up equipment at other times than our opening hours (08.30 - 16.30) it can be arranged, at additional costs. The equipment is always to be returned in a cleaned and undamaged condition. We charge 600NOK per hour to clean the equipment.

All equipment has been tested before dispatch, and all lacks and damages at the returning, which is not covered by the insurance, will be invoiced the hirer. We can not engage liability for damages caused by force majeure, wrong use of hired equipment or defective equipment.
We do not cover any kind of "out-of-pocket"-expenses of lost earnings. We can not engage liability for lost footage from corrupted memory cards or any other loss of footage.


The insurance covers any physical damage on or loss of the ensured items in consequence of an accident.

Damage, loss or costs are not covered under the following circumstances:

    1. Wear and tear, gradual depreciation.
    2. Mechanical or electrical disturbances and short circuits.
    3. Breakage of bulbs and fluorescent tubes.
    4. Overheating of camera
    5. Scratches on lenses
    6. Other damages caused by underwater use of insured equipment unless other arrangements have been made and have been added to your insurance papers.

Insurance terms

All leases are added an insurance which at present is 5% for Scandinavia. For the rest of the world an own rate applies and will be calculated for each case separately.

Own risk deductible of NOK 10 000.- (NOK 25,000.- at simple theft) per incident, will be charged the hirer.


Transportation of the leased equipment is at hirer's expense. Days of transportation are invoiced with 50% of the price per day (max. 2 days). Certain EU-countries require Carnet. Carnet can be made at hirer's expense.

Studio Rental Conditions

The studio is available from 08:00 AM to 24:00 PM, Or as agreed upon. The studio has to be cleared of equipment, set pieces and cleaned by the client at the end of the agreed rental period.

If you want to access the studio at other times than our opening hours (08:30 - 16:30) it can be arranged.

The client is required to lock the studio if the activities extend beyond 16:30. The client must appoint an individual to be instructed by us on how the studio is locked, or a properly trained individual can be provided by us at an additional cost. In the event that the studio is not properly locked at the end of the rental period and the studio is subject to a robbery, the client is liable for all stolen property.

The studio has been cleaned and inspected before renter arrives and all damages found at the end of the lease, which is not covered by our insurance, will be invoiced the hirer. We can not engage liability for damages caused by the activities taking place in the studios.

Fire alarms are installed and engaged by default, but can be disengaged per request, however the client assumes responsibility of notifying the fire department if a fire breaks out and need to be present in the studio at all times until the fire alarm is reengaged.

If the client is not present when the fire alarm is disengaged and a fire breaks out the client is liable for all damages as a result of the fire.

If the fire alarm is not disengaged per request and the fire alarm is triggered due to smoke related activities in the studio the tenant is responsible for the cost relating to the dispatch of the fire department.

The studio floor can be painted, either by us per request at an additional cost, or by an approved painter supplied by us or the client. The walls may be painted by the client at own expence.


If you are not a registered account customer with us, the payment and a deposit Euro 700,- must be in advance, at the latest while picking up the equipment. ID and a custom & tax certificate of registry has to be shown to our staff. A late fee of 1.5% per month will be assessed on all past due amounts. 


At cancellation up to 72 hours before beginning of the lease, there is no fee to be paid. From 72 hours up to 24 hours before beginning of the lease, there must be paid a fee at 50% of the rental price. From 24 hours before beginning of the lease, the full rental price must be paid. For rental periods beyond 5 days, other cancellation conditions will apply.

All prices are in NOK exclusive MVA (VAT), freight etc.

Errata and prices are subject to alteration.