Digital LAB

Digital LAB

As a provider of the newest digital camera solutions, we can handle all modern codex types and workflow solutions.
We always do our best to make sure our customers feel confident in their choice of equipment and provide lectures as well as trained staff to make sure you have access to the relevant knowledge to handle what is necessary to achieve your vision.

One of the most essential steps to get right in any film production is the transition from set to post-production. If this process is not done right, it can create costly consequences as well as headaches for producers, camera crews and editors alike.
At Krypton Film we provide tailored solutions to ease the pressure on the entire crew.

We are official resellers of Drylab, giving producers and on-set crew complete insight and overview of the recorded footage during production. Read more about Drylab here.

We can provide the camera crew with anything from MacBook Pros with transportable SSD-Raids for quicker file transfers, to fully-fledged iMac Pro workstations for generating custom graded editing files by an on-set DIT.

We also offer limited in-house DIT services for productions filming in our studios in addition to those filming within reasonable proximity of our facilities.

We are in contact and cooperation with several Post-Production facilities in order to tailor our workflows to their needs. We prioritize this to limit the amounts of technical issues that usually create time-consuming and labor-intensive situations for the Post-Production facilities.

The Krypton Film Digital LAB exists to help, consult and assist in anything relating to Digital Cinema, 
and take pride in our integrity and reputation to be as helpful as possible for our customers.
We have technicians that are available not only to camera crew but also to producers and directors if they want to enquire about the most cost-effective and seamless way to make use of our equipment.